This Free - Guitar Rock

by Sunny Erickson




released 29 September 2011
All songs written by Sunny Erickson
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9
Arranged by Sunny Erickson and Pablo Grande
Pablo Grande- Bass
Greg Weiser- Drums
Sunny Erickson-Guitars/Keys/Vocals
Recorded and mixed by Matthew Sewell
and Sunny Erickson at Off By One Studio
Mastered by Sean Ingoldsby at Real Time Studios, Ojai, CA
Cover art concept and design by P. Grande and S. Erickson



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Falling In
Scarlet seasons left it all to chance
Throw yourself into this bright expanse
Your falling in, and soon you'll know
It's all changing, after grinding slow for years
Tired of losing it for all your friends
There is no relief when your disbelief suspends
Your falling in, without a flow
When your all wasted, you never know what you'll get
Every time, every time we forget
It's all in the love
Stars over falling resolve
Stark as the colors dissolve
Your falling in, so let it go
it's a strange thing, how the more you know, the worse it gets
Every time, every time we forget
Rollin the bones, rollin stones, not home yet
Every time, every time we forget
It's all in the love
I fall in
All in the love, i begin
Track Name: This Free
And we try to change our sight
Holding candles to the dark of night
On the frontiers of our minds
Body reaching for a sense so blind
And your right on time
Carried out alone to find
the haze had cleared
and all your doubts and worries disappeared
We're just rising to the song
Infiltrate a world in so much longing
Through the words that still confuse
held so empty for a fleeting muse
Your open wide
Building fires up inside
Your waking up
Standing at the golden door
high upon your shore
I wish they all could see
wish they all could be this free
Flesh and bone, all was gathered in the tone
that you hear
Soul and love, try to find out what your made of
and heal
All the old ties just fall aside
skim across the ground, your on your way
All the roads just fall behind
skim across the ground, your on your way home
Track Name: Foxtails
Dark streams, visions of the dead
Dark dreams, singing like the dead
You thought, you could tell your life from theirs

Dry weeds burning in the yard
Dry weeds burning in the yard
It’s all going to seed, and falling hard

I see you feeling like you can’t breathe,
as all the structure’s falling away
This time you’ll surrender the cross you bear

Fire wheels burning through the dry fields,
our forgotten gardens
Just be glad that you have love,
just be glad you came,
with all and nothing, towards the light
to resign all your sad dreams to life